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Membership of Mancunians Rugby League and Sports Club

Becoming a Mancunians member for as little as £1.50 a month opens up some great opportunities and supports the growth of Rugby League, Handball and may other sports in Manchester!


We offer three types of membership –
1) Adult Playing Membership
2) Junior Playing Membership
3) Non Playing Membership

Each of the categories above can be paid for in a lump sum or by paying monthly. Simply click on the link below to be taken to the secure payment page:

Men’s Rugby £6 per week Pay as you go – No cash needed anymore, just sign up and we’ll take payments every week.

Mens Rugby £26 per month Pay as you go – No cash needed.

Mens Rugby £54 Per Quarter Pay Quarterly and get a FREE Polo shirt and 10% discount

Mens Rugby £216 per year Play both codes and get a FREE polo and 20% discount

Unlimited Gym Membership at £12 per month.

Mini Mancunians Pay as You Go (Pay a one off membership fee and then pay per session)

Mini Mancunians Membership Weekly Payment (£5 per week from April to end of August)

Non Playing Membership (one off payment of £15)

Non Playing Membership (£1.50 per month over 12 months)

As a Playing Member of Mancunians, you are able to be selected for the Mancunians Handball and Rugby teams in competitive fixtures, covering the cost of league administration.

As a Handball Playing Member, your fee covers every handball session (on Wednesday nights) throughout the year, which would otherwise be £3 a session. That money goes towards equipment, hall hire and coaching.

If you love sport but are unable to get involved, you can buy our General Membership at just £1.50 a month. This entitles you to all the benefits of a Mancunians membership, which, as a Sports Club Community Mutual, entitles you to your own share in Mancunians. Additionally we often offer prizes and draws to our members.

The best way to join is by direct debit, which can be done by clicking on the links above.

Mancunians RL in the tunnelBecome a Mancunian Today!

Do Things The Mancunian Way 
Membership of Mancunians RL offers you a unique opportunity to own your Sports Club.

The club is fully owned and democratically run by supporters on a one member one vote basis. Members vote on all major decisions, such as electing the Board.

Every member has an equal share in ownership, so for £15 per year you could co-own our club.

Not For Profit
Mancunians is run in a profitable way, but is a not for profit organisation.

All money raised is reinvested in running the club, providing services for members and carrying out community work.

The club rules mean the club can never be bought by an individual or a company.

Share Our Vision
We encourage membership by anyone who believes in our aims and philosophy.

french exchangeCommunity Benefit
Built into the rules of our club is a commitment to benefit the local community. That could be through providing volunteers, assisting to raise funds or simply by giving advice. We’re here to benefit the community.

Get in Touch
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email Antony Stewart at, or give us a call on 07810 690 425


Mancunians RL Model Rules