Manchester's Dual Code Rugby Club

A Rugby League Club for Manchester

Formed in April 2009, Mancunians is more than a just Rugby League club.

In addition to the sports teams we run, we provide numerous school sport coaching programmes across Manchester. The number of which is growing by the month.

Mancunians run successful, well attended after school clubs in primary schools and Handball and Rugby League Satellite Clubs at four High Schools throughout the city through the Sport England funded Satellite Club programme.


Well Attended After School Clubs

Our Founding Values are to:

Introduce the people of Manchester to Rugby League

Build a sports club that reflects the size and stature of the City of Manchester

Sustain a Rugby League presence in Manchester

Represent Manchester on the national and international stage

Mancunians was initially created in 2009 with one simple aim; to put a rugby league team on the field and within months it became obvious that there was a massive opportunity. Our vision is to be a professional sports club and we would like to have one thousand participants annually by the year 2020.


A Successful Club

Initially the club was very successful, winning the regional championships in the first and second year of the clubs existence but the switch over from a winter to summer playing season in 2012 hit the club hard and we dropped down to the lower leagues to regroup.

However, lots of hard work behind the scenes since then has led to Mancunians undergoing a revival and thanks to the hard work done in the schools, we are starting to see school children cross over to play for our teams.

We concentrate on three core sports; rugby league, dodgeball and handball, which means we have activity for twelve months a year, providing healthy sporting activity for hundreds of people across Manchester.

Our strategic plan sees Manchester split into five areas and we are working with key partners in all these areas to increase the amount of schools playing

During the summer Mancunians play Touch Rugby at Hough End, Chorlton where people of both genders and all abilities play social touch rugby on Monday nights.


Walking Football – A slower version of the beautiful game.

We have recently begun to offer walking football sessions for people aged over 50 or those with a recent illness, providing even more opportunities for Mancunians to get involved with the club.

Mancunians played a large part in hosting the Australian International team “The Kangaroos” during their stay in Manchester to compete in the 2013 World Cup. Club Director, Stefan Hopewell worked closely with Manchester City Council and the World Cup Company  to secure training venues in Manchester.



World Cup 2013 Legacy: Seven Schoolboys Have Graduated to Play for Mancunians

One of the legacies of the 2013 World Cup is that we have seven young Mancunians who were introduced to the game for the first time who are now playing for the club and are set to feature for the club for the next few years.

Mancunians is a Sports Club Community Mutual (a Cooperative) with all members being ‘co-owners’ and is run by a professional management board.

Anyone can join and become a share in the club. Come and join us on our exciting journey!


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