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Mancunians to Feature Twice at Wembley

Copyright. Stefan Hopewell.

Copyright. Stefan Hopewell.

Manchester club, Mancunians will be represented twice at Wembley this weekend when Rugby League player, Dave Burr takes part in a parade on the hallowed Wembley Turf to commemorate 120 years since the creation of Rugby League.

Burr, 21, who is a student at Loughborough University was selected by Mancunians,  who are representing Stockport, who were one of the 22 clubs that broke away from the Rugby Football Union in August 1895 in protest at not being able to compensate their players, who had to take unpaid leave from their jobs to play.

The parade will take place in the lead up to kick-off and Burr will be alongside Illustrious names from other founding clubs, including Hull FC legend, Johnny Whitely, who is one of the few Rugby League players to win a World Cup as a player and a Coach, and the Mayors of the Boroughs of Halton and Wakefield.

He will also receive VIP tickets to the game and a commemorative shirt which he will wear on the day and will be able to keep as a souvenir.

Mancunians will also be represented via one of the club Directors. Stefan Hopewell, who is one of the founder members of the club, owns the intellectual property of Broughton Rangers, who were one of the founder members of the Rugby Football League in 1895, but went out of business shortly after the Second World War.

Stefan has allowed the RFL to use the Broughton Rangers logo that he owns to commemorate a major milestone in the sports history.


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