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Warrington Wolves and Mancunians to Create World First

Warrington Wolves and Mancunians to Create World First

Mancunians and Warrington Wolves Foundation will create a world first when players from the two Rugby League clubs play each ophotother at Handball tomorrow night (Friday November 28th).

Junior teams of both genders at under sixteen level from the two forward thinking clubs will play each other and it is thought to be the first time that two Rugby League clubs have ever played each other at Handball.

Both clubs are known for their Rugby League prowess, with Warrington Wolves playing in top flight of British Rugby League – the First Utility Super League and Mancunians currently residing in North West Counties Division 4. Both clubs have recently added Handball as an additional sport with both boasting a growing number of junior teams and participants.

The game comes just hours before Warrington Wolves’ Adult Handball team take on Israeli side Holon HC in the EHF Challenge Cup, which will be played at the DW Soccerdome, Trafford and will serve as a fantastic taster for the main event which will be played over two legs on Saturday and Sunday, 29th and 30th November.

“This is going to be a real adventure for the young players at Mancunians” said Head of Handball for Mancunians, Jason Hollis. “Most of them have only played school handball for the last few years so I expect this will be a steep learning curve for them.” He added. “The objective for us is to go out there and learn from the experience and then take what we’ve learnt forward to the next game. We’re very much looking forward to it.” He said.

“We’re very much looking forward to hosting Mancunians”. Said former Olympian, and Community Sports Coach for Warrington Wolves’ Community Foundation, Holly Lam Moores. “We have a wide spread of participants playing Handball and it is going to be a fantastic experience for them and they’ll really learn from it”.

Mancunians Director, Stefan Hopewell said the reason for a multi sport approach from Mancunians is to achieve sustainability.

“We are working with several schools across the City of Manchester with a great response from all of them and this approach means that Mancunians is a sustainable club and not reliant on external funds or benefactors. You only have to look at the plight of several high profile sports clubs over the last few years to see that a one sport club is unsustainable”. He said.

“We do see some cross over as both sports have transferable skills, but not many of the young people who play for the Handball teams play rugby and vice versa. This is resulting in a rapidly growing, successful club which is a pleasure to be part of.” Said Hopewell.

The games will be played at Birchwood Tennis Centre, Warrington with the action beginning at 7.00.


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