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MATCH REPORT: Mancunians force league leaders to fight for win

Prop Stuart Stones believes good things are still to come from Mancunians after a strong performance against league leaders Wigan Bulldogs.

WBDespite not getting on the score sheet, Mancunians make the Bulldogs work hard, eventually rushing back to the Leigh Sports Village to watch a game that makes Mancunians’ 0-38 loss seem a cause for celebration.

Following a 0-24 lead for the Bulldogs, Mancunians tightened up their defence in the second half, allowing only 14 points to be conceded and threatening to score on several occasions.

“It looked promising the second half.” Said third-time Manc of the Match Stuart Stones.

“They are top of the league and did the simple things well. You could tell they were high on confidence, one of their players even said we gave them one of their toughest games.

“We took a lot more care in possession, we played good simple rugby and we started to get to know each other, because a lot of us have not played together before.”

Mancunians counted three debutants among their ranks this week, including winger Nick McCarthen, making his first appearance during a competitive rugby match at any level.

Stones says there are simple steps Mancunians must take to accomplish the win on the road away to Chester Gladiators next Saturday.

“We need to start the game next week like we started the second half this week. Keep possession like Wigan Bulldogs did today and do the simple things well.

“We were unlucky at home against Chester Gladiators, lets get that win!”

Chester Gladiators v Mancunians RL kicks off 2.30pm at Cheshire County Sports Club, CH2 1PR, Saturday 3rd August


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